Friday, October 29, 2010

It has been 3 weeks since school has started and I have done nothing.  I don't know what is wrong and why I am so stress out.  I can't get out of this mood I am in for a month now.  I hate my job and the people i am working with they also bring me down.  i can't wait until I get out of that place.  This past Wednesday was my 30th birthday and that was depressing too.  I have fun going out with all of y friends but when the day came that I woke up 30 and no more 20s it was hard.  I feel that I have not done anything in y life so far.  I do know that I have a beautiful baby girl and she is the world to me.  I have been sick for a week now and can't get out it.  I am still thinking about the topic I want to write about and I am still unsure on how to use my schools library.  I don't like how it keeps coming up with articles and not enough info.  I hope this week will be better for me.


  1. Kim,

    I think you will be okay! It is hard sometimes for no reason. I think everyone in class can relate to feeling horrible and not really knowing why. I will tell you that being 30 is not that bad. You should think of it as a new chapter in your life, a better chapter. As far as picking a topic, I wish you luck! There is so much out there, maybe I can help you brainstorm some ideas. Well, let me know if you need any help and I hope you feel better.

  2. Well Kim I can relate to how you feel. I have done very little in my classes, only because I have been so busy looking for a job its crazy. The assistance I get requires me to be out physically putting in 30 hours of applications a week. That does not include drive time or anything else, just filling it out and turning in. That is very difficult to do with a 3 year old beside you cause I can't afford daycare yet. I have finally decided on a topic tonight and am not excited at all about writing a paper.