Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Starting new

I am going to back to school learn Medical Transcription.  I am really nervous about being back in school.  This is the first time I have done online and I really like it.  I have meet a lot of great people even though they don't live around me but I stay in contact with them on facebook. 


  1. Went to a party last night and I am glad I didn't stay. I don't like to be around people that like to drink so much that they throw up on themselves or pass out. I would think that after you get married and have a kid that you would settle down, but that is my opinion.

    It is nice to have this blog and complain about people that I know are not going to read it. (lol) I also don't like people that think they know everything in the world. It wouldn't bottler me as much if you did not do it all the time. Just chill out and let life take it course. Why do some people have to be the center of attention all the time. Give it up and just shut up!!

  2. Spent last week in Florida and had a good time. I went with my girlfriend, her daughter, my daughter and me. It rained for three day out of the seven that we were there but still had fun. My daughter does not like the beach. She would not put her feet in the sand at all. She fell on it and started to cry cause she was dirty. So we took the kids back to the pool and they had more fun doing that. Alyssa my daughter does not want to be in her float she want to go and swim. She does not understand that I can't let her go, but she will understand that by next summer. (i hope) We also went to Sea World and had fun doing that. I think I had more fun then she did. We got to pet the dolphins and I was so excited doing that. They are my favorite. That is all we did in Florida wish we went to Disney world but maybe in a couple of years when she knows more stuff and will remember it.

    Until net time see talk to you later.